Fix Invalid Value for Registry Error on Windows 10

Invalid value for registry is quite commonly seen as error on Windows platform, especially when the users tried to upgrade the lower Windows version to Windows 10. The symptom is when they tried to open the JPEG, JPG, PNG, PDF or even AVI, MP4 file they got invalid value for registry error alert and then couldn’t open the file again. Here in this post, we will focus on how to fix this error with 3 effective methods.

The reason why this error occurs is due to the Windows version upgrade, while NOT all files of the Windows Photos app or Photo Viewer are updated. Then you’ll find the error while opening the files. The good news is that there are both software and manual methods to overcome this error.

Follow below 7 methods to find out how to fix invalid value for registry error.

Method 1. Restore Photo/image, a video file with Invalid value for registry error

When the invalid value for registry occurs while you are attempting to open the JPEG/JPG/PNG/PDF, or AVI/MP4 file, which means the files cannot be viewed or edited the files, even the error often cause file corruption, damage, and even loss. Thus, if you would like to conquer the stress of loss of photos, videos, use trusted and powerful Bitwar photo recovery software to restore all photos easily and quickly.

Method 2. Reset Photo app

Since Microsoft has added a new feature with the anniversary update that allows resetting the app without touching the registry, then you can try to reset the photo app first to fix invalid value for registry error.

Press WIN X >> Choose Apps & Features >> Click on Photos app >> select Advanced options and click Reset button.

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