When come to converting PDF document, there are many online PDF tools and PDF Converting Software on the Internet for users to convert their file. All the online PDF converter are fast, which the converted document will be saved in just a few seconds, but your PDF document or data are not guaranteed to be safe!

Why PDF Files Not Safe?

All PDF converter software has an algorithm or code to perform file conversion, which means all the PDF files which are uploaded by users for conversion are kept in a database on the Internet online. Therefore, if you are trying to convert PDF files such as Financial Report, Data Record, Private Information File, etc., it is not wise to convert them on the Internet. There are many internet hackers on the internet who will hack or try to look for some substantial and private files that can benefit them. They can steal the data or folder from the online software and sell it to a third dealer or party.

Encrypt PDF Password

Users can encrypt a PDF password toward the PDF file. First of all, it can keep the content of the PDF locked and not open publicly. Next, only users that know the encrypted password is allowed to open the lock PDF file. For more about encrypting PDF password, you can refer to ‘Password protect your PDF file? Encrypt PDF here for Free!‘. It will show users how to encrypt PDF file for free.

How to Keep PDF Document

Safe The best and safe way to convert PDF document is converting using an offline PDF Converter Software. This is because of offline converter software will keep your file in their database and not publicly on the Internet database. We will show you one of the best free PDF converter software you can find on the Internet below!

Best Free PDF Converter Software

Deli PDF Converter Software is a free PDF converter software which supports Windows 10, 8, 7 and XP. It also supports multiple types of file format conversion such as Word, JPG, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF, HTML, FLASH, RTF, TXT, CBZ, etc. Not only that it has multiple useful PDF tools for users to experience! Look here for the best free PDF converter software to safe convert PDF to Word!