How to fix the “Folder Access Denied Error on Windows 10”

Why the Folder Access Denied Error Occurs On Windows 10?

1. You may not grant ownership to access files and folder.

2. Administration access denied on Windows 10.

3. The file and folder are encrypted.

4. Antivirus software blocks the access.

After knowing the reasons, then the purpose is quite clear: work out the solutions to fix the error, it’s OK, you will find the best solutions and the best supporting software to allow you to get access to all the data on your Windows computer.

How to Fix Folder Access Denied Error on Windows 10?

There are 6 solutions have been made to solve Folder Access Denied error on Windows 10, take a look!

Solution 1. Get the Ownership of the Access Denied Error Folder or File

Sometime, files and folders that you need access will not appear because it is a possibility you do not have the Ownership to perform the action.

Solution 2. Adding your account to the Administrator group

Another reason why most destination folder access denied because you’ll need to provide your account into the administrator group. If you do not have administrator perks, then your destination folder access may be denied, or you are denied access to the folder on Windows 10.

Solution 3. Get the Permissions for the Access Denied Error File and Folder

So to get authorization or permission for the file and folder, you need to add new users into the user lists.

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